Argument quality
Rhetorical figures
International advertising
Health communication in South Africa
Narrative persuasion

Ph.D. students

Hans Hoeken’s research interests cover the broad field of persuasive communication. He has studied the concept of argument quality, addressing the question of what characteristics can make an argument strong. He has also focused on the persuasive effects exemplars may have through the exemplification processes.

Apart from the content of persuasive communication, the form of persuasive communication has received attention as well: How do rhetorical figures such as rhyme, puns, and metaphors influence the persuasion process? Within the context of international business communication, the question has been studied whether cultural differences in Europe are important for the effectiveness of international advertising.

Within the context of health communication in South Africa, Hoeken collaborated with several Dutch and South African scholars on research aiming to improve public information documents on HIV in South Africa. Finally, Hoeken studies the persuasive impact stories may have through narrative persuasion.

Hans Hoeken supervises several Ph.D. students.